Creative Direction, Content Creation  

Website: when--where.com
Instagram: @when__and__where

WHEN &WHERE is a supper club based in New York City. Along with my cousin and co-founder Courtney, we hold regular private dinners and have since expanded to partner with brands in hosting curated dining experiences.

As Co-Founder and Creative Director, not only have I collaborated on developing the vision and identity of the brand, I have my hands in all areas of content creation. My responsibilities can include anything from styling, to set design, to photography, filming and editing. Additionally, with my background in marketing, I manage the social media accounts to maintain a consitent voice that aligns with the brand strategy I developed. Finally, running a supper club has not only allowed me to improve my cooking and baking skills, it has given me experience in curating bespoke dining and event experiences - all whilst on a budget!

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