Braven Films

Graphic Design, Treatment Decks

November 2019 —
With Braven, I am crafting bespoke director’s treatment for films in development, working closely with the CEO and high profile directors and producers on a tight timeline.

I complete each step from sourcing, to editing images in Photoshop, to designing collaborative presentations in Google Slides and InDesign. My presentations have been successfully shown to top companies and talent internationally. 3 treatments I designed have been picked up for production by Viacom International Studios and are currently in development.

Additionally, I act as a creative consultant on other pitch decks, providing feedback on everything from image selection to overall layout, as well as feedback on content, focusing on the flow of information and narrative presented.

Understated, moody, high production value

For a project similar to BIG LITTLE LIES and EUPHORIA, this design takes a more simple and trendless approach to communicate quality over quantity. The final deck is a contemporary, image forward design that packs a visual punch.

Feminine, lighthearted, modern

A romantic screenplay, the final design settles on a playful color palatte that reflects the lighthearted tone of the story. The character-driven narrative is realized by isolating key figures, using intentional imagery to embody the spirit of each character.

As it will be a period piece with modern sensibilities, I highlighted the juxtaposition through the type: choosing a graphic and modern font for the heading, and constrasting it with a more classic - though not stuffy - serif for the body.

Tasteful, fashion-forward, considered

For a biopic based off a well-known haute couture designer, I updated another graphic designer’s treatment deck to infuse more of the sophistication and class that is commonly associated with the fashion house. The effortless design infuses a subdued color palette with fresh pops of color and fun image and type placement.

Vibrant, emotional, intimate

Presenting a project about the real struggles couples face everyday, the proposal hoped to illicit a strong emotional response from it’s audience. The final design showcases the carefully selected images that highlight emotive facial expressions and body language, with unobtrustive design elements to direct the viewer’s focus.