Waiting for Monday (2018)

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A transmedia, narrative series designed for Instagram TV.

Created as my Senior Media Studies Capstone Project, awarded the Payton Watkins ‘09 Media Studies Award at the time of graduation in May 2019. The precursor for @FarOut_TV, Waiting for Monday is a similarly designed transmedia narrative hosted on Instagram TV. It is a slice-of-life story following two sisters on a roadtrip to their grandma’s before the oldest goes to college. Split into two parts, the episode was a concept pilot for a show that was going to expand on each of the sisters, with 3-5 minute real time drops, specifically designed for viewing on a mobile phone. The relationship between the sisters was explored in the cinematography, utilizing the aesthetics of the unique 9:16 frame. Additionally, the intimate relationship of the viewer to the characters as a result of the handheld entertainment was explored in the use of graphic overlays that appeared as if the viewer was recieivng the phone calls and text notifications meant for each character. (This was a fun element that caused one of my teachers to pause the viewing to try and answer the call!)