Waiting for Monday (2018)

Director: Jessica Eu
Writer: Daisy Stone
Director of Photography: Caitlin Kim

Waiting for Monday is a narrative series designed for Instagram TV, exploring the future of handheld entertainment.

It originated as my Senior Media Studies Capstone Project and recieved the Payton Watkins ‘09 Media Studies Award at the time of my graduation in May 2019.

The series portrays a slice-of-life narrative centered around two sisters embarking on a road trip to visit their grandma before the older sister heads to college. Split into two parts, the pilot episode serves as a concept for a show optimized for mobile phone viewing. The dynamic between the sisters is explored through cinematography, utilizing the unique aesthetics of the 9:16 frame. Further, the viewer's intimate relationship with the characters is shortened using graphic overlays simulating phone calls and text notifications. During its initial screening, this feature prompted one of my teachers to momentarily pause the viewing, mistaking the notifications for their own.

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*Best viewed on a phone